All Bud at the World Cup? No wonder people hate Americans

The World Cup. Big sports event. In Germany. Where they drink, and make, a lot of beer. But Anheuser-Busch spent northwards of $40 million to sponsor the World Cup, and so at all stadiums, all games, Budweiser will be nearly the only beer availible.

*Nearly* the only beer because of trademark issues, thankfully. First, they can’t use “Budweiser” in Germany, because of the actually good Czech beer of the same name, aka Budvar, aka Czechvar in the U.S. So it’ll be called “Bud.” Oh, yummy.

Secondly, “Bud” sounds too much like “Bit,” which is what Bitburger is called here. So apparently somebody somewhere gets to sell an undefined amount of Bit. They’d better bring a lot, is all I’m saying.

Naturally, the Germans are not amused.


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