US decides torture is bad. No, really.

So, better late than never? Now that the world has been exposed for several years to our humane, no, let’s say genuinely vacation-like resorts at Guantanamo and Abu Ghraib, and is currently being treated to the spectacle of an alleged brutal rape and murder by GIs in Iraq, policymakers have decided that the Geneva Conventions may actually apply to the prisoners of the War on Terror.

I’m impressed, because it takes true courage to admit you were wrong. Oh but wait, they weren’t wrong before? No, says White House and Fox News spokesman Tony Snow. Humane treatment has always been the standard, this is more like, well, not a reversal of policy but more, well, a going-in-the-same-direction-but-totally-differently. It sounds better in the original German.

US applies Geneva Convention to military detainees – Yahoo! News