Even Germans think the Democrats are screwed up

A fascinating look in Der Spiegal at various German papers’ interpretations of Lieberman’s loss in Connecticut. None are particularly happy about it, even though few think the GOP is anything but a disaster. Left wing paper focuses on “the kiss,” and say Clinton (who also should be defeated for the same anti-war reasons) isn’t likely to provide such an easy photo op with Bush. Center left says Democrats’s war policy is “despicable and distressingly discordant,” allowing a “grass-roots riot” to overwhelm the party — which, come November, will have pushed the Dems too far left to serve as a home for the many, many dissatisfied Republicans.

The conservative Die Welt might be most interesting, complaining that the U.S. needs a Democratic victory, but not *these* Democrats. The US is crippling itself, with a decaying health care and social security infrastructure, and a New New Deal party needs to step up, it argues.


  1. I think that we, The People, here in America would have been behind the war more if pResident bush had not out and out lied about the reasons for going to war and imperialistically attacked another Soveriegn Nation without provocation. The Neo-Fascist leanings of bush and the GOP have a lot of people here worried about the continued erosion of Freedom and Democracy as bush leads us down the path to a Police State. Iraq was not a threat to the U.S. and its people do not want us there. I do agree that the Democrats have not proven to be much better at running the country but at least they do not blatantly lie to us and place themselves to egregiously above the laws of our country as bush and the GOP do. bush and the GOP do not have the best interests of us, The People in mind and only cater to the Religious Right and ultra-right wing conservatives in this country. That is not what America is about. We are supposed to be a tolerant Democratic Republic not a Fascist Theocrocy. Unfortunately, with the advent of hackable electronic voting now the norm here, as evidenced by the rigged elections of 2000 and 2004, that even the U.N. refused to endorse because of its obvious manipulation, we have no real guarantee that we can even remove the GOP from office in November as it is.

  2. Apparently, I need to run for office. Walk Softly, and Carry an Aluminum Bat. Vote King ~ Cause It Sounds Regal (like the Beagle).

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