I like to water down my gin, with whiskey

So, who knew? We’re at a bar last night on Bergmanstrasse, hip orange and white decor, very minimalist, but the usual mellow Berlin crowd. I haven’t quite finished reading the cocktail menu when the waiter comes. I’m a fast reader, but it’s long. All I can recall is the Smokey Martini. Laphroig and Bombay. It sounds terrible. Two great tastes that, you know, what?

So what could I do, I had to order it. Just the right amount of peat in with the gin. Two thumbs up, warms you up for that cross-town bike ride home. Woulda never thought.
Someday, I’ll stop being amazed at the genius of bartenders, but today, I remain a wide-eyed innocent, a mere novitiate of the barstool.

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  1. i must try this. would never thought as well. probably better for this weather here in SF (cold cold cold) than the other lovely-seeming drink that a friend mentioned– Daiquiris de Albahaca, an argentine daiquiri made with basil. who woulda thought?

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