Lights, but none of them are quite celestial enough

A cool 5 am ride across the city. I have two complaints. One serious: This was the going away party for our closest friends here, Kenji and Till. They’re moving to Munich, for opportunities too good to pass up. We are overjoyed for them, and still devastated. We’re going to be spending too many GermanWings weekends in Munchen, I think.

Second. At 5 am, riding across Bornholmer Brucke, we see Orion high in the sky over Prenzlauer Berg. Not the sun. Not that this should surprise anyone, but the light has gone. Apparently winter is on the way. I’m not 100 percent OK with that. Once upon a time here we had 3:30 dawnlight.

And yet andyet. When we stop outside today the air has the sharpened cool scent of autumn. Burning leaves in Mauerpark, which at first I think is simply carbon THC, but it lasts too long, though the entire park. Museuminsel is lit up in reds and blues as we pass, 1930s swing playing tinnily from some speaker which is not a fluted, Gatsby-esque cone, but should be. I dance a little on my bicycle, and almost hit a pedestrian

People going to work outside, in the dark, it is time for sleep.

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