We’re legal!

Und so… Yesterday morning at a distinctly not-bright but early 8:00, we show up for one last go at the Ausländerbehörde visa office. Our friend Gülçin bravely met us there, despite the hour, to translate.

In theory this was just supposed to be my visit, while Aimee would return next week. But when we got into Herr Arnold’s office, he had Aimee’s folder on his desk as well. Our files seem to be as attached as we are.

Herr Arnold, a gruff Berliner, had bad news. Apparently none of my new documents, the approvals we had gone to the Senate office to get, had come through. But Aimee’s were there. We protested. There must be some mistake, we said. He shooed us out of the office for a moment, to make some calls.

Ten minutes later, he appeared with a note in his hand: Go pay the office 60 euros, and then everything’s done. No more questions. No need to ask about insurance, bank accounts, any of the other issues we’d gathered documents for.

And oh, he adds… Does Frau Male have her passport with her too? We might as well do you both.

So at last, eight months after arriving, we have a visa. A year more here, and then we have to go back and show them that we actually have supported ourselves. A year seems like a long time out. We’ve started to think two, but now that it’s a potential reality, it’s again receded into the haze.

Aber für uns, endlich Erfolg!

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  1. Congratulations. I know it’s no fun at all dealing with the Ausländerbehörde so well done for winning a stay of execution for another year.

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