Bad jazz. Didn’t Dante have something to say about that?

There are some musical instruments, and harmonic progressions, that have moral implications. Hear me out. Take the soprano sax. Look at those initials. Coincidence?

I think not.


  1. I guess it’s not one of your “favorite things”, eh? HAHAHAHAHAHAHA HAHAHA OH MY SIDES HAHAHAHA (insert Colrane joke #2 here)

  2. Ach. I know, and don’t think I’ve struggled with it. I conclude it is the genius of great individuals to turn the implements of evil to a higher purpose. Beating soprano saxophones into plowshares, I think is the expression.

  3. Hey John — It’s Matt Graves. Just wanted to say hello and wish you a belated happy Thanksgiving. I don’t have your email address handy anywhere; would you mind sending it to my gmail address? Hope you’r e well and enjoying your time there.

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