Terror watch, in the neighborhood

The US Embassy here in Berlin is boosting security. Apparently there’s an undisclosed threat to Americans here ongoing. Anybody have any clues?

“U.S. diplomatic and consular facilities in Germany are increasing their security posture,” the Embassy said in a statement.

“We are taking these steps in response to a heightened threat situation. The U.S. Embassy encourages Americans in Germany to increase their vigilance and take appropriate steps to bolster their own personal security.”

Further details were not given.


  1. goddammit! right when i was starting to feel comfortabile here, the krauts have to go and get aggressive on my yankee ass…

  2. there are plenty of comfortable yankee asses in this town, to be sure. perhaps a corralling is in order? i’d happily subject myself to a few weeks stuck in Prater, as long as the bar stayed open.

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