Slippery slope: from the big bang to netpr0n

The Economist writes about the new Creation Museum in Petersburg, KY, where bible-believing parents can give their tots a look at dinosaurs set into the context of creation; because everyone knows (or should) that the Tyrannosaurs were created in 4004 BC along with Adam and Eve, and that there were a few, probably young adults for practicality, carried along on Noah’s Ark.

The museum has helpful messages for kids growing up in a world tainted by secular belief:

The debate about the origins of everything is presented even-handedly. Some people trust God, accept that the universe is 6,000 years old and will go to heaven. Others trust human reason, think the Big Bang happened 14 billion years ago, and having abandoned God, are quite likely to start browsing the internet for pornography or commit genocide. Visitors are spared graphic examples of porn, but there are some nasty pictures of lynched black Americans and of Nazi concentration camps.