Worshipping in the electronic cathedral

The Electronic Church is behind an unprepossessing door on Greifswalder Str., behind an advertising poster that must be replaced every few days, when the Werbung people come around to stick their latest offers on the wall. But today, at least, there’s a small note written in black pen: “Electronic Church,” and a small arrow pointing inside.

We went to see a show put on by naivsuper records. In the advertisement: “a very quiet night of music ranging from concrete to ambient.” What that means: A few brilliant soundscapers making assorted noises, up to and including playing a clarinet backwards by sucking air through it with a vacuum cleaner. It was stunning, hypnotic and beautiful. And all under vaulted white ceilings, what more can you ask for? Bells, wind chimes, a truncated clarinet; an artist making music entirely from a series of tape cassettes with effects pedals (today, without a computer, that means something); bubbles being blown in dishes of water, tin bells. Music by geeks for geeks, my kinda peoples.