A German fusion recipe to avoid

The task in front of me was simple: Make dinner with what’s in the fridge. I struck out a few times — no rice for the average stir-fry, no peanut butter for peanut sauce — but finally settled on a simple Pad Thai recipe.

Aaaand then looked in the fridge. Real Pad Thai probably doesn’t have ketchup in it, but many decent recipes for it do. I can say without fear of contradiction that none of them advise the use of German curry ketchup, however. Which is what seems to be in our fridge.

I shrug. Why not? We have a box of little Deutsche Krebsfleische  (tiny Northsea shrimpies) from Aldi, so I figured I’d make it extra fusion-esque.

So — a bit of garlic, pork, egg, krebs and rice noodle later, I mix in the curry ketchup, fish sauce, soy sauce, lemon and sugar. And whattya know, it’s Pad Currywurst!

Won’t be making that one again, I fear. Time to find some regular ketchup.