I love the smell of hype in the morning

One reason I’m very glad I’m not covering daily technology news at this particular moment: I don’t have to be a bit excited about Apple’s iPhone. I’ve seen a lot of hype in my time, but this product pretty much wins the gold medal. Fully years of speculation. So much breathless writing since Apple’s pre-announcement that it’s a wonder whole generations of tech journalists haven’t expired in some kind of mass phonoerotic asphyxiation. And Apple, as always, feeding little bits to the hyperventilating masses, like chum to starved, brainwashed sharks: It will have good battery life. OOH! It will get Youtube. OOH!

It’s a phone, peoples. It’s just another step forward in the Internet-in-your-pants scenario. Look at it, use it if it’s useful, and try not to have to wipe yourself off afterwards.

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