Rodent, run

Is this a bad omen? I’m riding down Kollwitz Str. today when a big gray rat runs across the street in front of me, apparently gets spooked by my onrushing bicycle of doom, and turns back right into my tires. I swerve a little, and feel a bu-UMP. I look back; it gets up, shakes itself off, and limps off back the way it came.

Apologies here to whatever rat gods are listening. I have no love for rodents, but who wants a visceral thing like that on their karmic record?


  1. Enh. Kill one, there are plenty to take its place. But they’re almost indestructable, as a winter with a bunch of rat traps in Wedding proved to me. Fortunately, they very rarely invade houses, and if they do the city’ll take care of it for you.

  2. The rat gods will surely smile on you that your bicycle of doom was only rat-injuring rather than rat-killing. I say cycle over the sods, but I’d be squeamish about the squelch. (Any chance of seeing you and a certain lovely young lady this evening?)

  3. Ed — I would hate to see a squad of German rat-catchers. I imagine great and unsmiling efficiency, and probably lots of poison. I worry about residue of some kind in our apartment here, where flies seem to drop dead with alarming speed. I certainly don\’t envy you a ratvoll winter in Wedding.

    BIB — I share your squeamishness. I have trouble even killing, or at least squishing, large spiders. Dead is fine, but I prefer action at a distance. We may make it this evening, but we are both unfortunately catching up on work after a long period of Konto-draining hookey. Another kind of karma…

  4. Of all the things I’ve killed, I’ve never killed an animal. This is good, I hear, it means I’m not a serial…


    Rat killer.

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