Will Durst on the falling dollar

From this column here, which sorta gets inflation and falling currency valuations mixed up, but it’s funny anyway:

Dubyah has turned us into a third world banana republic. We’re Costa Rica to the rest of the World. With lousier snorkeling.

Who can blame the hordes of Eurotrash from clogging the aisles of our Tiffany franchises like an extended family of hillbillies at a dollar store? Everything here is so incredibly cheap. We’ve turned into a discount playground for the world’s trust fund babies. High-end restaurants, the good hotels, VIP sections of our most exclusive nightclubs, Saturday night movie tickets: pretty much off limits to anybody holding an American passport. We’re the minimum wage security guards of a giant high-end outlet mall known as America just one cut rate Virgin flight away from true civilization.

My own personal favorite was being in fairly rural Romania last summer, a country not really known for powerful economic performance, a country that literally has plastic, washable money, and a friend-of-a-friend says: I love going to America, everything is so cheap!

We are unstoppable. Watch out, Costa Rica! What a good time to be paid in dollars.