The 72 Transformations of Obama Sun Wukong

The real reason Obama is winning (from Politico):

The Illinois senator admitted in June to carrying a pocket full of charms. He dug his hand into his pants pocket in the middle of an event and revealed what look like a junk drawer of goodies: a “lucky poker chip” given to him by a voter, an American eagle pin from a Native American woman and a small golden statue of the Monkey King.

Just as a reminder, Sun Wukong was commanded by the bodhisattva Guanyin to help a monk bring back Buddhist sutras to China, from the far West. I think this may mean Obama will help bring enlightenment and salvation to the East (coast), and that he will be spared from destruction, the seductions of ego, and flesh-eating demons only by the interventions of a team of transformed trickster-gods. Take that, Republicans!

Obviously he has my vote.


  1. Duh, you’ve just totally confirmed that the dude’s a complete Muslim.

    (itsajokeitsajokeitsjoke. vote no on 8. obama ftw!)

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